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Welcome to Itaka Training Members’ Area.

This is a special area where registered users can apply for projects, explore and submit research, access and download handbooks, toolkits and other materials of interest, and chat with other users around the main topics we are passionate about.

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In this section our registered users can explore and submit research related to our main areas of interest: Migration; Environment; Sustainability; Media Literacy; Inclusion; Racism; Community and Human Rights. Learn, share, discuss, and receive feedback from peers in the same field. Look at existing articles, or submit your research now!

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Registered users have exclusive access to our project opportunities which address a variety of important topics. Engage with us through learning, travelling, and sharing your views both online and in-person. There are no barriers to participating: our projects are fully funded by Erasmus+. Instead, the qualities we seek in participants include motivation, interest, and willingness to share in a transformative international experience.

Front Line

Start Date: 15/03/2021

End Date: 19/03/2021

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We are delighted to share these useful resources with our registered users; they are open access and can be freely used personally or professionally. We have included a range of different material, including activities, presentations, toolkits, videos, reports, interviews, graphs, images and even cartoons! They have been created and provided by international project partnerships sharing their expertise. Enjoy!

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Have an opinion? We’d like to hear it! Share your thoughts, ideas, comments and suggestions in our forum. You could ask a question to your peers, or start a debate about an important topic. Remember to be respectful: differences of opinion are normal and can encourage personal growth and the development of new knowledge or empathy.